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David Kilmurry shares some top tips for keeping relaxed….

This morning on Community Access Andre B was joined by David Kilmurray.

David uses recognised practical treatments to help his clients to gain control and make changes.
He is well known for his rehabilitation treatments for survivors of Domestic Violence.


– Keyboard player and successful musician,Terry Muttitt came to see David as his Stage Fright had become crippling and his intention was to tour with the Specials. Thanks to several treatments with David of CBH he was able to perform with minimal anxiety.

– Zoe Dronfield came to the private practice for treatment in March 2014. Highly documented in the press, and highly courageous this mother of Two came back from the depths of despair following life threatening injuries and the alienation of her youngest thanks to a miscarriage of justice. Zoe developed her memories and confidence over the months of treatment

With David’s treatments and support Zoe has faced fear head on and has shown biblical courage to heroically give evidence against her attacker sentencing him to 14 years in prison.

Zoe has become one of the UKs leading Domestic Violence successes, many with Zoes injuries if they survive do not ever return to work, thankfully and dramatically Zoe has returned to work set up a Domestic Abuse charity and made several steps for change in parliament to help protect other mums her tireless work for others documented in the press.

These are just two of the people David has helped! To find out more about the work David has done or if you feel you may need his support in moving forward from a phobia or addiction then you can contact him via his website: http://davidkilmurry.com

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