Hillz FM Local Artist Charts

Hillz FM Local Chart Week 60 – RESULTS

Local chart week 60 Voting is a test and does not reflect the true chart results

  1. Abz Winter Alright Now
  2. DABB4 Fire in her eyes
  3. MC Liburd Liburd
  4. The Jack O Bones The Jack O Bones
  5. RG The Baron Overcome
  6. Mulini Mulini
  7. Matty Coles I Wanna get High LIVE
  8. Autopilot Invincible
  9. Taylor-Louise Blessed With a Curse
  10. Shannon Stevenson Breakthrough
  11. Fey Militia Honey
  12. Bill Bates Brexit Song
  13. Louis Forde Maisie’s Song
  14. Rosetta Fire Hallelujah
  15. Chalk Drawings Rag And Bone
  16. Wayne Stacey puppet on a shoe string
  17. Ian Hough Ian Hough
  18. Jim Thomason Broken Dahlia
  19. Cary Lord Single Bed
  20. Shanghai Hostage Step Too Far
  21. APE APE
  22. Izzie Derry & Band Learn To Grow
  23. Man Made Moon The Tourist
  24. CVBE Wild Soul
  25. Athens weareathensband
  26. Andy Beglin The Beast & His Temptress
  27. Bobbie Lord Be You
  28. CroKodile Tears Kids
  29. David Duquemin What Used to Be
  30. Cathy Beech Hello Cruel World