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Peace Festival 1st – 14th November 2018

Peace Lamps, Art and Craft workshop

Hillz FM & WATCH Centre, held two events, one was for those aged 8-18  and another for 18 and above. It was an opportunity for both groups  to learn new things, have fun and be creative. Those who attended the workshop had the chance to learn how to make a Peace Lamp using items you would normally throw away. Our young people had fun learning new skills and how to up-cycle waste items and off course made new friends at the same time.


Trip to Coventry Cathedral 

Our YoungHillz  aged 8 – 18 took  for a trip to Coventry Cathedral to take photos of the ruins and learn about Coventry during the Blitz.  It was cold day out but they enjoyed it and learnt so much about the history of Coventry


Rap for Peace

WATCH Centre, Hillz FM Radio invited young people aged 8-18 to come to a writing workshop. This inter-generational event gave everyone the chance to listen to stories and experiences around the history of Coventry during the war. The subjects discussed were then be used to inspire a story, poem, rap or jingle which were all broadcast live on the radio.


Have a listen to the rap that they created below