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What is Operation Bedlam?

Operation Bedlam is a comedy radio show on 98.6 Hillz FM.

It is broadcated on Tuesday’s at 8pm, Wednesdays’s at 4am and Sunday’s at 4pm. The show is written by Jim Peakman and performed by Jim Peakman, Mark Graham, Andrew Simpson and Carsum Din. The show is a 6 part story, which follows the main character of Urbert Charlie as he finds himself in strange scenarios each week. !


Who are we?!

The four performers have known each other for many years.

Jim (31) met Carsum (27) whilst studying at Coventry University. Mark (36) and Andrew (31) played together in a

local band called The Blackbelts where they met Jim who was the singer of another local band King Hermit. They remained friends and formed the Operation Bedlam team when Kate Hills from Hillz FM saw a comedy feature film co-written and directed by Jim, and ask them to produce a show for the radio.!


The format!

The show runs between 20 – 25 minutes long and is set out in two acts. Between act 1 and act 2, there is a brief intermission where Carsum performs a “vocal manoeuvre.” A vocal manoeuvre is a random song, made up by Carsum on the spot and each week includes a different unique instrument. After the weekly introduction by the Master Of Ceremony (played by Carsum), the Operation Bedlam theme will play, followed by the start of weeks show. After Act 2, Carsum will then see the show out and thank listeners for tuning in. This gives the show a live feel as if the team were performing live on stage.!

To enhance the live feel of the show, funny errors and corpsing is left in the show. !

The audience for Operation Bedlam is a wide scale of ages.

Younger people enjoy the mad fast paced humour, as the older generation enjoy that it resembles the classic British comedy that they grew up on.

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Operation Bedlam includes many strange and funny characters. The main protagonist is called Urbert Charlie. A simple “Frank Spencer” like character, whoseems to get himself involvedin different issues each week. For example, foiling the plan of the super villain Baron Von Whittaker of stealing the crown jewels. Along with his trusty sidekick Trusty, the Baron becomes Urbert’s arch enemy and creates different (and silly) plans to gain revenge.

Other regular characters include Nigel, best friend of Urbert Charlie. Mrs Coughalot, landlady of Urbert who has a uncontrollable cough. Captain Flange, an eccentric old seacaptain. Plus many more.



The comedy of Operation Bedlam is surreal and silly, not a million miles away from The Goons and Monty Python. The show is completely family friendly, allowing to be aired at any time of day. The biggest influence of Operation Bedlam is real life, as many characters and story lines are based on writer Jim Peakman’s experience.


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Social Networking

Social networking is a strong tool used by the Operation Bedlam team to engage with their audience. There is a

growing fan base on Facebook, where people are leaving messages and interacting with the team. There the Operation Bedlam team can post photos and videos from the recordings, and any other press related


Operation Bedlam has it’s own YouTube channel where each episode will be uploaded after each weeks broadcasting of the show on Hillz FM.

Twitter has been a strong tool in getting the Operation Bedlam name out there to the general audience. With a growing number of followers and some retweets from two WWE hall of famers, one half of The Chuckle brothers, and our personal favourite, a message of good luck for the show from Monty Python legend Eric Idle.

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Operationbedlam

Twitter: @operationbedlam

Email: info@operationbedlam.co.uk


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