Our story started around March 2017. We wanted to form a band where we were free to experiment and every member would have equal impact on our sound. We didn’t think of any particular genre of music, nor what people would like to listen to. We wanted just to have fun. After initial troubles with finding remaining band members, our current line-up came to be end of June 2017. Quickly after that, we played our first gig at Ivy House in Coventry and the reception was quite overwhelming.
Since then, we have released “Wonderland” EP, played more gigs, festivals, supporting bands like Steve R Pearce and The Hooligans and NUMB to name a few.
Thanks to your appreciation we put even more energy in creating music. But, after all, we still want to have fun. With a pinch of madness…
Andrew Williams – vocals
Rebekah Louise Povey – vocals
Courtney Conquer – drums
Anna Skiba – bass
Tomasz Skiba – guitar

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