Chevy Chase Stole My Wife!

Chevy Chase Stole My Wife is a female-led pop-rock band from Worcester. They play melodic,
catchy and gritty original songs with witty and wry lyrics about everything from rollercoasters to
getting cat-called by van drivers. Audiences are always left with a smile on their face, and with
earworm choruses ringing in their ears!

Chevy Chase Stole My Wife started life as a fun side project in 2013, however as the band’s fan
base has grown CCSMW has taken on a life of its own. In the first week of 2020 the band set to
work on recording a set of 4 singles, the first of which – ‘Swayed’ – is due for release on 1st
March. They are looking to grow their fanbase and expand their reach – and bring music that they
really believe in audiences and music lovers all over the world.

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