Hillz FM Local Artist Charts

Hillz FM Local Artist Chart Week 81 – RESULTS

  1. Robbie RAPS Human On A Mission
  2. Fourth In Line On The Run
  3. DABB4 On Golden Sands
  4. Abz Winter Incompatible me
  5. RG The Baron Wind Dat Waist
  6. Vision_Official Demons
  7. MC Liburd Liburd
  8. Static / Luke Clark Deep
  9. Ian Hough What’s wrong with my dog?
  10. Banshee Criminal
  11. Kieran Taylour Please See Me
  12. Kirsty Lowrie Still
  13. The Unresolved Here to Stay
  14. Matty Coles Liberty
  15. Danny Ansell & Co Police At The Door
  16. The Trees ‘Save that tree (Melanie)’
  17. The Merciful Wizards Getting Better
  18. Autopilot BrainCell
  19. Shanghai Hostage Step Too Far
  20. Izzie Derry & Band Learn To Grow
  21. Taylor-Louise Gone
  22. Caleb Murray All the Cards
  23. Dan and Ollie Bond If It’s Alright
  24. Man Made Moon Weightless
  25. CroKodile Tears Noddy
  26. Andy Beglin America
  27. The Jack O Bones Werewolves / Old Jack Bones
  28. The Rising Rebound
  29. The Adelaides Good Love
  30. The Clinks Come Closer
  31. Burbzz Disgusting
  32. Kirsty J Clarke & James Foster Heaven Behind Closed Doors
  33. Black water Fiend Apocalypse
  34. Phoenix Rising Show Me (CCFC song)
  35. Emily Jane Lumsden Footsteps
  36. Highlife Who’s That Over There?
  37. KONSOLE More California
  38. RudeSix Wet Wipe Boy
  39. BLVFF Crystal Ball
  40. The Swamp River Rebellion Rule of Four
  41. Myriam Adams I Think I Might Die
  42. Danniella Dee I Just Wanna
  43. The Verse One Way Out
  44. Cornflakes At Kelly’s Honey It’s Kinda Hard
  45. Shaelyn Autumn Leaves
  46. CVBE The Sound Of Silence
  47. Baz Wilkinson Dispensable People
  48. FEET Ad – Blue
  49. Luna and the Moonhounds Love
  50. Caper Parade Take It Easy (I’m Only Dancing)