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A quote can change a life

In this time it can be quite difficult to stay focused and motivated because we are all so restless now. It feels like we have been in Lockdown for quite a long time, and it can be difficult to see the point of doing things and keeping life as normal as possible. Some people may call lockdown an opportunity to create a new normal. For me, positive quotes can really help put things into perspective. Quotes can stick with you for a long time as they can be quite powerful and sometimes they can help us cope. They remind us that things will get easier or that we are strong. These quotes can say a multitude of things to us and can mean or signify different things for different people.

Here are some of my personal favourite quotes:

1. “This too shall pass”

To me, this quote shows everyone that there is a future. It is significant and current to the current lock
down, because even though there is no specific end date for the lockdown or Covid-19 , there is hope that there is
a more positive future after lockdown where we are more grateful for what we have. This quote I have said and
had said to me during difficult times and it really helped me as it made me realise that things can, and will get

2. “Nothing is impossible, the word in fact spells I’m possible”

This in my opinion is one of the greatest motivational quotes ever. It is also a very memorable and iconic quote by
Audrey Hepburn. For me this quote shows us all, that in time we can achieve what we think is impossible and we
are capable of anything and everything. This for me also shows that we should never put ourselves down. I think it
is a quote all of us should cherish because it teaches a key life lesson of hope and positivity.

3. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

This is an especially important quote because it encourages everyone to try to make a difference and to show
themselves to the world. This quote teaches us all to not hold back but to be determined to leave our mark on the
world. I am trying to do this through my radio and charity work because it is a great passion of mine.

4. “Shoot to the moon even if you miss you will land among the stars”

I love this quote because it shows that if you try your best, which is something I always try to do, then positive
things will come your way. You will be able to make something of yourself and change your life for the better. It
shows us that the best thing to is to be determined and to never give up.

5. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”

This is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi. This is a key message to everyone that you should always try new things
and live life to the full. This may seem impossible because it is lockdown and that is usually pretty boring but you
can try things you do not normally do, which is a positive thing this quote encourages. You could start to read more
genres of books, you could be more creative and do a bit of arts and crafts. Maybe write your own books or poem
or even learn a new language or skill such as a martial art. You could try yoga or meditation as well. This may focus
you more so you become more motivated to do other things that you need to do.

I hope that these quotes have inspired you and maybe encouraged you to think differently or make a change in
your life. Maybe these quotes have cheered you up and encouraged you to think about how you might want to change
your life in the current time and the future.

On behalf of Hillz FM and WATCH Charity I hope you are all coping alright and staying safe also making sure to
stick to government guidelines.


An article written by Aimee Morley (15)

Young presenter

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