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Back to School

It’s official: schoolchildren will be heading back to school on 8 March! It’s been a tricky time for everyone, but for many youngsters, their futures have been up in the air, friendships put on hold and routine out of the window, this has all taken a big toll on their mental wellbeing.

Leading psychotherapist and founder of mental wellness education site,, Mark Newey, has launched a programme of free online tools to help teenagers make the shift from homeschooling in their PJs to getting-up bright and early ready for the school bus. He explains: “It’s essential we help youngsters make as smooth transition back into the classroom as possible. They’ve missed a lot of schooling and need to get back into a routine and spend time with their mates. However, many young people may be anxious about returning, catching-up with their studies, getting back into their friendship groups, even wearing a mask 24-7 – it’s all tricky.”

He continued: “At Headucate we’re passionate about mental wellness education for everyone. We want to empower the next generation to learn how to look after their mental wellbeing, it’s the only way we’ll stop the nation’s mental health epidemic in its tracks.”

The ‘Back to School Programme’ is a free online course, which helps students understand and deal with anxiety, teaches youngsters how to rebuild relationships after a year in lockdown and provide a smooth return to school. The course covers nine sessions from understanding what really makes you happy and who you really are, to wellbeing and mindfulness techniques, such as meditation and tips on how to get a goodnight’s sleep.

To find out more about the free ‘Back to school’ mental wellbeing plan, visit


To book an interview with Mark Newey

Mark Newey, leading author and psychotherapist and founder of is available for interview to discuss life post lockdown and how to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. To set-up an interview please call Hilary on 01206 231807 or email takes Mark Newey’s 20 years of 1-2-1 experience coaching 3000 people to beat stress, anxiety and depression for good and puts mental wellness advice into an easily accessible, mobile-friendly, online programme to empower all to take control of their mental wellbeing.

For more information please contact Hilary Collins at Big Wave PR – or 01206 231807