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Feminism and mental health during a pandemic

Feminism and mental health… These things are absolutely everywhere. They are very important
to people in all countries. They are very much spoken about as said by bell hooks (she has no
capital letters in her name as she believes it does not define her). Feminism in her opinion is not
just a belief it is a state of mind you have to be politically active, which is what many feminists are
doing even though we are in lockdown. Feminists out there are still working hard to make sure
women are supported. There are also many mental health advocates out there making sure
there is more support for people who need it during this difficult time.

Some celebrity feminists such as Malin Anderson are using social media platforms such as
Instagram to share their domestic abuse stories even doing Instagram lives to share their
stories with other people in the community suffering, and celebs all share how you can get help
if you need it. Here is a link to a charity that can help: women’s aid. There are also
other people out there raising awareness by promoting the charities on social media with
lots of ads showing the charities and some products sold from companies mean some money
goes to these charities. In other countries there are services to support female entrepreneurs during the pandemic,
and help them with their business through an app. An apprentice star has started this initiative to
support women and help make more women entrepreneurs and give them more materials in
third-world countries. This is brilliant to see people coming together online to support people.

On the mental health front, there has been an outpouring of support and help for people to
access from people telling others about different services on social media. People such as
sisters – Paige and Coral from @itokay.needtotalk, they answer direct messages (dm’s) constantly and do live streams at 7 pm each night so people can talk to a friendly face who has suffered from mental health problems
in the past and knows what they are going through. The duo also directs people to places where they can
get help and also check in on people by DMing them or ringing them if they are particularly
vulnerable. This is brilliant to see people coming together online to support people. They have been doing this for over a year. There is so much more going on in the worlds of feminism and mental health at the moment and
it is brilliant to see!

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Article written by Aimee (15)

Presenter of Aimee’s Afternoon Show

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