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Getting back on track – mentally

It can be tough when you look at your life and the first thing you think is that it’s a mess – let’s be honest we have all had this fleeting thought at least once or twice within our lives, but there are ways to conquer this and to grow as a person, so if you have prepared for coming out of lockdown and the new normal  (you can see that article here) you may feel still that you are struggling and THIS IS OK AND A PERFECTLY NORMAL WAY TO FEEL! I have got some tips to help you feel a little better about things because from experience I know this feeling of doubt is tough to deal with especially from an A-level student’s perspective. It can be quite upsetting!

Remember to check on your friends and family!

  1. Try setting goals out of yourself through manifestation (you can check out Influencers like Millie T or Anastasia Kingsnorth to learn all about crystals and manifesting). These can help motivate you and feel better and move towards a more brighter and positive future. You could also do this through journaling and there are some good pages on Instagram for this and Mia Jeal on YouTube does journaling too. This can help give you clarity and also improve your habits such as drinking more water, which will also help! 
  2. Yoga and meditation can focus your mind and this may help calm you. Make sure to check out the App Store to see apps to help you with this on your phone. You could find videos on YouTube too! Some celebrities also do mindfulness and mediation yoga on live streams on Instagram so try to look for them!
  3. Exercise! This will make you feel like you have achieved something even if the day hasn’t been that productive. It also relaxes you and releases serotonin. There are many ways of going about this too. These can be light exercise and can be challenging if you want to improve your stamina (maybe even beating a personal best you never know).– Zoom classes and Instagram lives with celebrities to exercise. Mark Wright from TOWIE does this!
    – Outdoor exercise
    – YouTube exercises (Chloe Ting workouts)
    – Indoor stretches/exercises
  4. Talk to your friends more! Chat on the phone or meet socially distanced at the park for coffee (it’s legal now!), this will help you find someone to relate to and will also calm you down and maybe even make you smile (I know my friends never fail to make me laugh).
  5. Please reach out if you need help and support during this time. You are loved and are needed! It is ok to be feeling the way you are and you will get through it! You are strong and you have got this!