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Goal setting

It’s the new school year now and we are a few weeks in at this point for some people. It is important to set yourself goals for your future to keep yourself motivated and ready as I have previously mentioned Google notes is a good app to use for this. This is the app I use for my goals and other to-do lists, which help motivate me.

Goals can be anything you want they can be education-related or personal and they are a good thing to make now so that you can fulfill them throughout the school year. They should be things you feel you want to do and they should be positive and improving your life in some way. For me, my goals are education-related and also about personal growth and improvement (yes it sounds daft I know but it can really help improve your mental health).

You can make your own goals by writing a list and thinking about yourself and what you can do to make life easier for yourself or improve your health. I thought I’d share my goals with you all. Hopefully, I will be able to achieve them! Haha!

Remember to make sure to keep your goals achievable and realistic otherwise, it can leave you feeling low and not be very good for you. Remember no matter what your goals are personal to you and you should be proud of them
because you are an amazing person. Also, don’t be upset if you don’t achieve your goal by the end of the school year because you can always try again with the goals because these goals don’t define you the goals are there to guide you! You can have as many or as little goals as you like!

My goals:

1. Gain work experience
2. Neaten my handwriting
3. Get a better more regular skin/self-care routine
4. Eat healthier foods (less fast food/takeout)
5. Revise regularly for A-levels
6. Finish my EPQ qualification
7. Get a part-time job
8. Keep up my organisation with my folders
9. Stay motivated
10. Get good grades

These are my goals for the school year!

Good luck with your goals. I hope this has helped you in some way to be more motivated!


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