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HillzFm Needs Your Feedback!


Are you new to HillzFM or a regular listener?

We want to know your opinion!

We have newly extended aerial with better coverage.

What do you think of our content and where are you listening from?

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Email us at:

or call/text the Studio for shout outs, song requests and any feedback on:


You can also help us keep HillzFm alive by donating.

Hillzfm is a community radio station which offers a wide range of diverse music and shows.

We also support and seek to involve people facing disadvantage, social exclusion and deprivation.

HillzFm is dedicated to being inclusive and offer services to everyone, from minority groups to culturally under-represented individuals, wishing to be informed about services available in the area and in socially or linguistically isolated communities.

The service seeks to provide demand- led support and training.

All funds help with the day to day running costs.

The Best Community Radio Station in the West Midlands

HillzFm 98.6

Voice for the PeopleĀ 

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