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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Hillz FM sent Liam Cook and Peter ‘Sweet P’ Fitzgerald to Coventry’s Holocaust Memorial Day event on Wednesday 27th January 2016.


Holocaust Memorial Day commemorates those who lost their lives in the Nazi Holocaust between 1933 and 1945, as well as subsequent genocides across the world. The event is held annually on 27th January, as this was the day when Auschwitz, the Nazi’s largest concentration camp, was liberated by Soviet troops.

This year’s event was staged in Broadgate and was attended by many members of the general public. The theme for this year’s memorial day was “Dont Stand By”, urging people to stand up to persecution, amid the terrible events in Syria and Africa at this time.

A collection of photos of the event can be found below.


Those who attended the event heard the stories of Dr Martin Kappel and Mr Abdulmunem Radwan. Dr Kappel spoke about his journey from Poland to Coventry during the war and his perception on forgiveness. Mr Radwan told us how he and his family were displaced from Syria due to the devastating conflict in the country. Julia Negus from Theatre Absolute also spoke at the event, and told us the story of Rudolf Brazda, who was the last known prisoner persecuted for being homosexual.

Councillor Michael Hammond, Lord Mayor of Coventry, opened the event and said “The Holocaust, ongoing genecides and racial hatred is assisted by those who stand by silently. We can show by simple acts of kindness, we shall not turn a blind eye when those around us face prejudice or victimization.”

Whilst at the event, Liam and Sweet P chatted to guests, councillors and members of the public about the event, their memories of wartime and their views on how the holocaust has shaped out way of life today. This show is now available to listen to via Hillz FM’s official Mixcloud page. Follow the link below to hear this 1 hour show on demand.