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Modern Merica Exhibition at Leamington Spa Art Gallery, Pump Room

This morning I interviewed Louise Campbell, co curator of a great exhibition currently showing in the Leamington Spa Pump Rooms gallery. The main idea behind it is to show how Coventry used art and design when it was rebuilt after the war from 1945 to 1970

The multi media visual arts exhibition documents how key individuals focused on certain aspects to bring people back into the city centre again as a community. From the cathedral and the Herbert art gallery, to the shopping precinct and the schools and colleges, the sports facilities and tourist attractions, the city rapidly had new life breathing in it. 

Mostly local artists like George Wagstaffe, Margaret Traherne, Walter Richie, Trevor Tennant and Alma Ramsey Hoskin feature. But also the work of Jacob Epstein and Hungarian emigres like Tibor Reich and Peter Lazlo Peri are included showing the city’s foreign connections. 

Over 60 exhibits include photographs, sculptures, homeware and archive film. 

In a city like Coventry that has seen a huge amount of redevelopment lately, let’s not forget its very recent history and make sure it doesn’t disappear under the new bling. 


The exhibition runs until September 19th and you can take a walk through it virtually if you click on the link below.

The exhibition is sadly only open from Thursdays til Sunday due to staff shortages. 

There is an online study day to accompany this exhibition on11 September. See the gallery website for details of how to attend.


The exhibition is closely linked to the city of culture and also the Resonate Festival.