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Positive Image Festival

Another event in relation to Coventry’s rich history is a little event going on for the next few weeks in the Central Library.  On Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s between 1pm and 4pm, Artist Mary Courtney is available to talk about and help create art on the subject of Coventry’s grotesques. Mary has been going around the city photographing the gargoyles that hang from the city’s older buildings. The why’s and wherefores of why gargoyles were included in architecture is a rich subject of debate. If you fancy discussing this topic, and taking your kids along to learn about it too, Mary is providing artistic materials as well as a huge amount of creative inspiration and knowledge that she is most happy to share with the community. A really great little event for all the family and community. 

Mary has been instrumental in setting up the Facebook page Sitting Rooms of Culture which in turn went on to create a space in the Coventry Market. This is ongoing in its development. If you are an artist, go along and check out the space.