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Struggling to get work experience and to improve your CV in a pandemic? WATCH charity is here to help!

It can be difficult at the best of times to improve your CV and job prospects, even more so in a pandemic! Fear not I totally relate to this and have discovered some top tips and places to look that have helped me along the way!

1. Job sites

Try checking out websites such as LinkedIn, indeed, CV library and Reed to find jobs. Don’t forget to try and get working hours that fit around prior commitments such as school or any caring responsibilities you may have at home. You can also send your cv directly to places such as supermarkets or fast food take out places; that way you are known to employers, which is a very good thing! When attending interviews for the jobs make sure to think through what you are saying and be cool calm and collected-you will smash it!

2. University opportunities

In year 12 preparing for your UCAS application (Uni application) which you will do in year 13 it is good to bond with Uni’s so make sure to use apps like Uni compare (as advertised by youtubers such as Byron Byron and Eve Bennet and Beauty spectrum) to see more about Uni’s. You can request Uni brochures from the app or directly on the website of the Uni. Attending open days (check websites) will mean you can learn about different programmes and work experience which can reduce entry requirements significantly and also look good on your CV. Some of these will be from places such as Sutton trust, so check out their website and make an account on there too. A UCAS account might be a useful thing to help with the Uni search.

3. Virtual work experience

If you want work experience in a particular field of your choice try websites like speakers for schools or medic mentors (NHS) or spring pod. Check their websites for regular updates on new opportunities!

4. Attend virtual extracurriculars

This could be doing first aid or maybe something to on the future learn website-there’s loads of courses on there specific to careers and also some generalised ones too. Most of this is free! There are also some other websites too.

5. Volunteer

In COVID times this is a tough one but you could volunteer in the hospital. Check out the UCHW page and click on the volunteers page for an application form (16+). This will look fantastic on your CV and also some churches or community centres might need some extra help so make sure to ask!

6. Check over your cover letter and CV and personal statement

Remember to ask another fresh pair of eyes to SPAG check both of these as well. Try to make sure these are kept as specific to the job or programme your applying to as possible – it can be slightly generalized if need be. Make sure to use bullet points and explain things you have done in detail.