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Top tips on coping with online school

Online school is now well and truly in full swing! It can be extra tough to get fully motivated ready to learn and achieve what you want to within your goals throughout the year.

Here are some top tips: 

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Stressing yourself out it’s not going to help you. It is going to hinder your work and make life more difficult so if you are calmer and more chilled out without being very self-critical you will be able to succeed. A top tip to help with this may be to try meditation or mindfulness because this will allow you to focus your mind and have your goals fully set out and alleviate pressure from yourself.

2. Use timers

These will keep you on task and avoid distractions.

3. Keep social media away from you

To avoid procrastination, set to-do lists to keep you on task and avoid social media because this will distract you and make everything take longer than it needs to.

4. Ask for teacher support

This could be through email or within the online class, you could ask for extra work or check on where specifically you need to improve so you can work on that- this is a good use of reflection, which will help you see where the problem is so you can fix it.

5. Reach out if you are struggling

Try talking to friends and family on social media or face time regularly so you can feel less alone and in a more positive place mentally. Also, reach out to charities like MIND and Childline if you need any help.

You are not alone! You have got this!