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Turner Prize Comes to Coventry

The  contestants for the prestigious Turner Prize are currently on show at the Herbert Art Gallery. If you’ve never heard of this artworld event you can check it out for free and see what you make of it all. It’s definitely a talking point and the first time its come to the Midlands. This year the entrants are collectives rather than individuals and all use a social/political/cultural subject to produce their work.

So most of them involve audio visual medium to explain what they’re about. Below are minimal details about each contestant because I don’t want to spoil it for any potential visitors by saying too much.

Array are from Belfast and use an art installation in the form of a bar known as a shebeen to highlight law changes with gay rights and abortion.

Black Obsidian Sound System (BOSS) represent black and transgender communities. I met Marcus from BOSS at the opening night party and was delighted to hear he wants to work with Hillzfm to produce a live online show and also help us out with technical equipment.

Cooking Sections represent climate activism and  use an immersive sound installation to explain the horrors of industrialised salmon fishing. Discover how to become a CLIMAVORE.

Project Art Works highlight neurodivergence in the art world and uses an art studio/gallery type of installation to explain their story.  (Neurodivergent means situations like Autism and Aspergers Syndrome)

Gentle/Radical talk about using Faith, Language and performance art amongst other things to strengthen communities. This is done through a series of film installations.

This event runs through til January and if you’re not really interested in art, this isn’t really art as you’d know it. It’s definitely a debate provoking event on many levels. The Coventry Biennial is coming soon too.

I went along to the Press Preview and interviewed Chenine Bhathena about how the City of Culture have been involved in this event and how it can affect Coventry’s future cultural landscape.


Click on the link below to hear the interview:


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