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TV Review – Normal people

Normal people is currently a very much talked about TV show which is based on a book. It is very different from what I’ve seen before definitely. It is a very moving and quite emotional show and is a twelve-part BBC 3 drama-You can catch it on BBC I-Player now.

The plot is about an Irish couple Marriane (a rich girl) and Connel (Marriane’s cleaner’s). They both go to school together but are very different from Connel being social and popular and Marriane being a bit of a loner. It is the highs and lows of their relationship, and you can really see their strong connection. The show moves through their secondary school life (sixth form) and their University life. It raises awareness of a lot of things such as suicide and male depression, and much more.

It was really emotional as you could see both of them were meant for each other and were really struggling to cope with events and you could see they were similar as both did not fully fit in, even though Connel was popular he felt he could only be his real self around Mariane, because his passion of reading is something the popular people would laugh at him for. His persona with them compared to Mariane was completely different. It was heartbreaking to watch at times as you could see he was really finding it hard.

This show pulled on the heartstrings. The characters are very memorable in their own right! The main ones are obviously, Mariane and Connel and also Marines’s parents and Connel’s relationships feature heavily in the show. I really loved how Mariane and Connel’s relationship was portrayed it was genuine and quite emotional to watch their relationships (there were many of them !) unfold and how they always ended up coming back to each other.

I have never really watched a show quite like Normal people, nor have I read a book similar to this. It is something that I really enjoyed because it was not plastic and fake at all. It really taught some key lessons to people about what bullying and trying to fit and cope can do to some people. I really really recommend you give this series a watch. It was something that definitely kept me hooked the entire time because of how gripping and powerful the show is. 

Overall I cannot wait for season 2, which the BBC has been hinting about and I am definitely going to read the book version which the series was based on, by Irish author Sally Rooney. I have never read her books before, but since watching normal people, I am so excited to do so. I cannot wait.

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