Anthony Gliddon

Born and raised till the age of 15 in Liverpool where a love of singing blossomed from a very early age, at 12 a guitar was added to the mix along with an ever-growing fondness for poetry.

Then, just before taking his GCSE’s the family were on the move to Leamington Spa, and this is where the songwriting and live performance began.

In early 2000 the band High Rising was formed with Anthony playing the frontman and rhythm guitarist playing all over the country.

Once High Rising decided to go their separate ways Anthony had a brief stint of going solo where he recorded a Solo EP that eventually never got released.

A short while after, whilst working at a bar, he met James Lapworth a name with whom he would come synonymous over the next decade and a half as they formed Rosetta Fire.

Now in 2020, Anthony is Locked Down but not out and is working on new material for a solo project.