Darla Jade

Darla Jade is someone who I’ll be keeping in my headphones for a while longer.” – Reyt Good Magazine

Up and coming artist Darla Jade had a very successful 2019, where she released her debut single ‘This Time’, wrote an albums worth of material in Thailand, secured shows all over the country including performances at Ronnie Scott’s and The Bedford Lounge, and toured around Germany with The Dark Tenor.

In 2020 Darla is upping the pace and kicked the year off with a very honest song. The singer-songwriter is one to talk about personal situations in her well crafted lyrics and Overcrowded is no exception! It was said that the song felt like ‘a private diary entry’ (Slapmag Magazine) and this is exactly what Darla wanted to achieve when writing this as she said in a recent interview, “This is the most truthful song i’ve released to date – myself and many people I am close to have experience mental health in some form, and this song talks about how I felt personally when I was going through it.”

Although this captivating artist has a scandipop feel to her songs with ethereal sounding vocals, catchy melodies and an underlying electronic feel to her productions, the singer is in fact based in The Midlands, UK. The young artist is definitely carving her own path and one to look out for!