Drop Down Smiling

Like the Phoenix from the ashes, the butterfly from the cocoon, Drop Down Smiling have emerged from their lockdown hibernation to bring you a brand-new track, aptly titled ‘The Fear of Missing Out’. You’ve missed out on a lot this year, don’t miss out on this! The Fear of Missing Out addresses the social pressures of ‘fitting in’-the issues we face and the self-destructive habits we form while under constant bombardment from the-grass-is-greener-rose-tinted-glasses’ lifestyles presented to us on social media. It’s a song about the anxiety that comes with comparing your regular life to the highlights of others’. Fuelled by the desire to be connected to others, especially this year, it’s about the skewed sense of ‘normal’ that develops when your main outlook on the world is through the glowing brick in your hand.

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