Leyone is an independent artist and producer, Coventry born and raised. His new single entitled ‘Gorgon’ will be released Friday 5th March available on all streaming platforms.

Gorgon is a term used in Jamaican culture that simply means best of the best. Leyone is able to showcase that through his talent with an energetic vibe and impressive lyricism delivered like no other UK Rap or drill song to date. It is an urban anthem that will take listeners away with a feeling of sunshine, party and laughter, bringing a new wave to the UK music scene. It spreads a rhythmic flow of catchy lyrics relatable in today’s society.

This release will coincide with his E.P ‘No Small Talk’, a project that consists of 10 tracks all written and produced by Leyone.

For more information, contact:

Ashton Leon: 07949991816

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