Paradise of the Titans

Paradise of the Titans is a Coventry based duo created by singer/songwriter Alice and accompanied by keyboardist Sarah. The music is created and produced by Alice, with lyrics enriched with fictional mythologies and intricate storylines told in a unique synth-wave/mystical pop style.

The first single ‘Mermaid’ is out now ahead of the EP release ‘Mermaid’ (out 28th August). ‘Mermaid’ as a song is like a soundtrack from a supernatural filmscape. Singer-songwriter Alice Weston’s reversed vocals multiply in intricate harmonies to form a supernatural language while bringing a deep catchy buzz of the minimalist synth. The song is about the relationship between a Mermaid and a Sun God, and glimmers of the story are projected at live shows, along with choreographed dance moves and metallic jump-suits. The 80’s inspired drums (rich with reverb) complete the drama of their ethereal synth-pop. The single also coincides with the release of their official music video (directed by Fraser West of We The Conspirators), where iridescent stage art, home-made tinsel strewn crop tops, and mystical orbs give the impression of an Indie Scifi cult classic.