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How to survive a university open day

It’s Uni open day season! Woo it’s here! That means time to get prepared but fear not. I am in the same boat and have come up with some top tips on how you can easily survive open days stress free. If you are looking into university please make sure you try to attend the open days whether virtually or in person as they can help make the decision of what to put on your UCAS form much simpler when it comes to narrowing down to your 5 choices. Remember the universities do their utmost to make sure it safe to come and see them with regular cleaning, smaller groups sometimes even private tours and face coverings. 

  1. Make a list of top Uni’s that you want to visit virtually or in person
  2. Make a pros and cons list about these Uni’s
  3. Research support and facilities  that the Uni’s offer whether that be societies or additional funding etc
  4. Look into travel to and from these Uni’s and accommodation.
  5. Look at the events on that day for the open day. Do you need to book anything like a tour or taster lecture ?
  6. Talk to the students and staff themselves to learn more
  7. Bring a notebook or something to note take on to write down the key info you learn during the open day
  8. Ask questions
  9. Look Into the courses available and make a list of the ones you like and look into what is in them (modules) and how long they are etc.
  10. Attend the school trips on offer for open days and speak to your teacher and look at YouTube clips to see what you should be doing at open days

Good Luck with open day season!

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