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4 Positive vibes during Covid-19

In the midst of all of this, some people (most!-including myself) are struggling to see the positives of a rather negative situation. This is all thanks to the coronavirus – yes that one that destroyed our summer and disrupted our lives by quarantining us for nearly 6 weeks! Now on a more positive note, I thought I would talk about the more positive things going on in the world around us today to cheer us all up a little bit because it is not all bad… there are some positives even though this is a very difficult time.

Please remember if you are finding this time particularly difficult please reach out.


We are grateful for the opportunities we had in life

This time made us realise what we took for granted, like being able to get on a plane, go out or go to the shop. This
means that when this is all over we will not take things for granted and knowing that after this there is a life full of
everyday opportunities like being able to go out will give us hope. This will help us keep going throughout this difficult time in quarantine. This is positive as in the future it means we will not waste things and we will make memories as we will have learned not to take things for granted.

We spend more time with our families and talk more with friends and family on the phone

This period of time means we may mend relationships that may have been broken over time because of our
previous (before COVID-19) busy, hectic and fast-paced lives. We may even strengthen relationships because this
time means you are talking to each other more so can get to know them. This is more positive because it can help
with mental health if we talk to each other more. Remember do not bottle up any emotions! Please reach out!

Politicians and people are beginning to value key workers and NHS workers more

Previously many people did not see how important people who work in supermarkets or the NHS were and how we
relied on them to stay safe and have food and health care. This pandemic shows people how good the NHS is and
how they need to be appreciated. This appreciation also brings people together via the clap for carers at 8 pm every
Thursday (Remember to clap this week).

People coming together to raise money for charity

This is positive as this amount of pressure on the NHS is more than ever before and now they have more support
especially from the creative industry with Michael Ball releasing a song with a war veteran or walked around his garden to raise money for charity and Britains Got Talent releasing a charity single as well. Without this positive coming together from this industry the NHS would have more pressure.

Remember to stay Positive! Together we will get through this!

An Article written by Aimee Morley (15)

Young presenter

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