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Aimee’s anniversary article!

It is my four year anniversary of being at Hillz FM with my radio show Aimee’s afternoon show and I have enjoyed every second of it! I have loved my time at Hillz FM and cannot wait for what the future has in store for me and my show!

To celebrate some of my greatest memories I thought I would write an article sharing my favorite times at Hillz FM to remind you all of how amazing Hillz FM is and how much it can do for people, because as cringey as it sounds I really don’t know what I would have done without Hillz FM. It really did change my life (sorry for the cringe haha)!

Before I share my top 4 memories of Hillz FM for the last 4 years that I have been hosting my radio show every week, I would like to thank some of the people in the Hillz FM/WATCH charity office, who have supported me in my journey at Hillz FM. I would firstly like to thank Iksha, who no longer works with Hillz FM because she was the first person I met at Hillz FM back in 2017, and she was the one who was with me for my first live show and supported me whilst I trained. I would also like to thank Nadia for all of her support with my training and also the rest of my time
at Hillz FM constantly helping me get into new projects and learn new things and improve my show. I would also like to thank Tayyaba, who is no longer working at Hillz FM for her support of me and also my other projects. I would also like to thank Aga, Leroy, and Trisha for their support of me and also everyone at Hillz FM for being so kind and welcoming, because before Hillz I had no media experience at all I had was a dream to present and host in radio and without these people, I wouldn’t have been able to have done what I have done so far!

My top 4 memories (in no particular order)

1. My first live show
The precise date was Thursday 9th November 2017 14 year old me with my horrendous fringe did a live radio show for the first time! I loved it so much and had so much fun. I just remember how my mum was listening in and so was the rest of my family and I even had a picture with some Pudsey ears afterward! I will never forget this moment.

2. My first festival event coverage
This was Hillfields community festival 2018 and it was a mad one, to say the least haha! I loved how busy it was and how there was always something to do. I tried my hand at face painting and it didn’t go very well at all haha! I had the opportunity to present in front of the public it was fantastic!

3. Godiva festival 2018
Wow! This is one of my favorites actually! This is because I got to go into the press pit and the press tent. I was doing the photography for Hillz FM at the Jonas Blue set and some of my friends saw me in the press area just in front of the mosh pit. It really was one to remember!

4. The 2019 annual meeting
To some, this one might seem a bit strange because this meeting was about how the WATCH center was doing. There were a lot of statistics! But, to me, it was a very proud moment because I received a young volunteer of the year award in front of all the team and my mum came to see me too! There was also a buffet – very nice! I just remember feeling like I had come so far and this kind of let me have a little bit more faith in myself that I could in fact do something if I put my mind to it.

There are so many more memories I have that I have mentioned here! I cannot wait for the future!

Thank you so much to my listeners of Aimee’s afternoon show for their support of the last 4
years! I appreciate it so much!

This is an article produced for Hillz FM

Article written by Aimee (16)

Presenter of Aimee’s Afternoon Show

Thursdays 4pm – 5pm