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Dead Pixels – Series review


Season 2 of dead pixels is back!

Yes! One of the greatest shows on E4 is back and you catch both seasons on All4 if you need to catch up!

The show is based around a group of gamers and also their lives and the main characters are Nikki, Meg, Alison, the rest of the guys on the game. It details the journey through the game and also Nikki, Meg and Alison live in the flat because Alison does not play games like Nikki and Meg do.

This show is a bit of an unusual one I have never Seen a show quite like this show at first I didn’t think it would be my thing and because it was mainly based around gaming and I am not really a gaming person. But fear not, don’t let that put you off because in reality there is so much more to the plot than just the games it is really funny and enjoy a pot of watch and it’s got fantastic dynamics between the characters particularly between Alison, Meg and Nikki. Meg and Nikki are quite similar but they are completely different to Alison but this is what makes them very funny and exciting to watch.

The show is very comical and it’s a different kind of comedy that keeps to the traditional standards of comedy but with a more modern twist that is focused on more geeky and nerdy characters and and that is what makes it so different to other sitcoms and comedies and it is also quite modern as well so it’s very enjoyable to watch.

10 out of 10! Absolutely brilliant show and will have you laughing for ages I definitely recommend that you go check this one out!

An article written by Aimee Morley (16)

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