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Dream places to go after lockdown has been lifted

A lot of us may be thinking about the future after lockdown and what we want to do. Aside
from the obvious, of wanting to go to McDonald’s or Nandos (I miss takeaway too) many of us want
to travel after lockdown and try new things. This is the same for me, I really want to go to these
places and I thought I’d give you some inspiration for places to go after lockdown if you weren’t
sure where to go:

1. New york
2. California/Los Angeles
3. Dublin
4. Italy
5. Hawai
6. Bali
7. Caribbean
8. Maldives
9. Barcelona
10. Madrid

These are my top ten places I want to go to. I have many more places I want to go but there are
too many to list!

After Lockdown I feel we will all be more grateful for our opportunities.

Stay safe and well by following government guidelines and keep listening to Hillz FM 98.6.

Keep it Locked!

Article written by Aimee (15)

Presenter of Aimee’s Afternoon Show

Thursdays 4pm – 5pm