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Good Girls – Review

Judging by the title in all honesty I thought this show was going to be cringe and absolutely god awful. However I persevered and realised it is absolutely hilarious yet harrowingly candid at the same time-a strange combination I know but it really does well and truly works.

The relationships in the show are very raw and real with lots of emotions in and this is what I like about the characters as well because they are very well rounded and due to the sensational actors and actress you can really see characters shine through and you get to learn a lot about them very quickly throughout the four seasons (I hope there’s more seasons!)

I think my favourite characters have to be Rio and Beth purely for their dynamic and storyline that makes you just want to see more and learn more about them as a duo. I also love Annie because she wears her heart on her sleeve in an unusual way-she clearly cares and loves her child as she struggles to deal with an impending custody battle.

One thing I would say about the show is that in some cases their representation of certain characters is very one sided at times. For example the security guard, which is quite a sad thing but not so bad because with characters like Lesley we get to see multiple sides of him including but not limited to being  a violent manipulative natured being. We also see Rio shed his tough guy exterior in a subtle manner throughout the four seasons as he shows not so much vulnerability but an emotional side to him trying to reassure Beth (subtlety) and not just be the scary gang guy.

Overall the show it’s fantastically entertaining!


5 star definitely recommend!

A review by Aimee Morley (16)

Young presenter

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