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Hillz FM exclusive: Jack James Ryan interview on Aimee’s afternoon show  

This week we had an Aimee’s afternoon show first! I had the amazing opportunity of sitting down over zoom to chat to Coronation street actor Jack James Ryan, who plays newcomer Jacob Hay in the soap. The newbie had a lot to say in our chat and it was an absolute pleasure so thank you so much to Jack for coming on the show this week and taking an interest in our stations ethos and what we are all about! To find the actual interview make sure to listen to my show from 4pm on Thursday 11th March 2021 to hear all about it! Put it in your calendars everybody! Before this airs I wanted to give you a quick sneak peak of what is to come. Enjoy!

Now, there are 2 things I never thought I’d do: number one obviously being interviewing a Corrie star and number 2 being interviewing not just any Corrie star but a Corrie star who not only has been in casualty, doctors AND Emmerdale, but also has a famous sister whose been in shameless (UK version).What an unusual, but fantastic interview to be able to do (and a bit of a shock not going to lie I didn’t expect to get this far when I sent a message to ask Jack to come on the show). On a side note the Corrie bad boy also apparently makes a competition winning banana bread (is that standard though? that’s what we were wondering who knows?). Anyway, that’s never something I’d thought I’d be discussing in an interview ,but COVID lock down has done magical things bringing us all together in mysterious ways! There’s a first time for everything they say! That being said It’s definitely an exciting time for Aimee’s afternoon show!

As everyone knows I love Corrie and I have always loved Corrie, so I thought why not ask an actual Corrie star what’s their favourite thing about being on the soap. As I chatted to Jack he revealed that his favourite thing was seeing himself on screen realising that it is actually him on screen! Since we were on the topic of favourites, I of course asked him what we were all wondering (don’t lie ! You were thinking the same thing too whilst reading this !) What is your favourite soap? A tricky question I know, but one that needed to be asked. Luckily he said Corrie although he did love his time on Emmerdale. Personally, I can see why he said that because the village has Charity Dingle as the resident villain/bad girl and the street has Tracy Barlow. It’s completely obvious whose more iconic-It’s Tracy if you were wondering (any Emmerdale fan pages out there don’t kill me ahaha!). I think I am biased though because I could never live in a village (as cringe as it sounds I’ve always been a city girl!). 

I love Corrie so much so I wanted to find out what it’s like during COVID times and filming. Jack said that it was different but still amazing to be able to work, but he misses being able to socialise. Remember guys keep your 2M. Stay safe !

Before I did this sensational interview I did quite a lot of prep! Panic set in that I was actually interviewing a celebrity, an actual tv star of a show I’d been watching religiously since I was a child, discussing it on my radio show for the last 3 years every week without fail interviewing over a Zoom call – what could possibly go wrong!. I did this, so I could learn everything about corries resident bad boy and I found out a lot more as I chatted to Jack. We discussed that his character has a lot of depth; Jack disclosed that we are going to be seeing a lot more of Jacob (learning even more about him and his background!). All Jack was able to say was that Jacob will be sticking around for a while. That’s great for big Corrie fan Jack, who says Corrie is a massive part of Manchester (his home city) and something that he is proud of and he grew up with (his mum never misses an episode), but I’m not to sure that’s it’s going to be a smooth ride or a good thing for his character and fellow Corrie teen/recruitee Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) because Jack told us in the interview whilst recapping what’s happened so far with the storyline that as part of his character we are going to learn a bit more about Jacob and his past including about his boss Harvey (Will Mellor-from line of duty) who is soon to make his grand entrance in the coming weeks with his casting only recently announced. 

According to the soap star (Jack James Ryan) we are going to hate Jacob even more after his latest antics (not Jack though because he’s lovely !). As Jack promised it is definitely going to be explosive, so make sure to stay tuned for more exciting stuff coming up particularly with Jack teasing a future storyline with the Corrie teens due to the fact that the teen cast in Corrie are so strong and tight knit to the point Jack and the actress who plays Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) went to an acting club together when they were younger (now I didn’t lie when I said this was an exclusive interview did I!) both of them starring in a production of Grease (we all saw that adorable pic on Insta!). This has not been officially confirmed, but all the Corrie teens seem up for it so as Jack said we shall wait and see!

We’ve learnt so much about Jack on the cobbles but what about his time off the cobbles prior to his appearance in the soap he was a professional actor for two years even saying in drama school his big dream was to be a Corrie bad boy! Now 2 years down the line he is that very character with Jacob Hay. Now, you may be asking what’s the future for not just Jacob Hay, but also Jack? Well the answer is that Jacob has some tough times ahead, but Jack hopes to put his new play (which he wrote himself about his experiences of growing up with testicular cancer – me and my left ball) on in Manchester (bringing his story home as he said in our chat) after it’s debut pre COVID in London got 4 star reviews! Very well deserved by the sound of things! Make sure to go check this out!

That’s it for the sneak peek guys! I hope you enjoyed it. I definitely did! It was lovely to sit and chat with Corrie star Jack James Ryan, who plays Jacob Hay. Jack is a fantastic actor and has a brilliant intriguing character portraying him amazingly keeping us all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what is happening next! I personally cannot wait to see what’s coming up for him. He will definitely be one to watch!

Make sure to check out my show (Aimee’s afternoon show) on Thursday 11th March at 4pm to hear this interview on the airwaves 98.6 Hillz FM.

An article written by Aimee Morley (16)

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