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How to catch up with school!

We are back! And we have survived! Woooo! It has been a tough time for everyone but there are many ways you can catch up if maybe online school hasn’t been great for you. You may be thinking I definitely need to catch up but don’t know where to start. Well that’s ok everyone has that feeling and today’s article will help you navigate where to start.

1. Talk your teacher

They may be able to point you in the right direction of some useful websites or some after school classes to help you; they may also be able to reassure you if you need a bit of a morale boost (I know I have in the past!)

2. YouTube and the internet 

These two things are a students best friend! Go online and search the key word of the topic for the topic you need help with. I know some may say they don’t know what to actually put in the search bar because they are so lost. My top tip would be to put what the qualification is (GCSE, A level etc.) and the exam board (Eduqas, OCR – ask your teacher if you don’t know the board) and then a keyword from the topic or a section you are struggling with. For example if you struggle with exam questions just write exam questions in the search bar. Also try and find different YouTubers who specialise in subjects like for science you have primrose kitten and free science lessons (Sean).

3. Organise your notes

Go through and find the gaps and fill them in through gathering up all your resources and teacher power points that way you will be able to catch up.

4. Attend your classes

Do your homework and attend catch up lessons. These recaps will mean you can fill in the gaps that you may have within your knowledge.

5. Try making revision materials

These will help you catch up as this will embed knowledge that you have learned.

Here are some ways of making revision

  • Posters
  • Flash cards
  • Recording yourself reading notes and listening to it
  • Mind maps (MindMeister the app has good online mind map making tools)

Remember to not stress about feeling behind because you have got this and the exams this year will take full account for online learning so you will be ok!

Please reach out if you are struggling!

An article written by Aimee Morley (16)

Young presenter

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