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How to cope with results day

So, A-level results day has passed and GCSE results day (when I am writing this) is very nearby. Nerve-racking Right!? For many people, it can be an extremely difficult time dealing with worry and anxiety, which in some cases can be quite debilitating especially for those already struggling with mental health. However, results day and exams are things everyone can be nervous about because they are so important and it is a constant thing of teachers
telling us we need to do well in exams to get good jobs and be successful. Something that we must remember is that even if we do badly it is not the end of the world or the end of the road for you and your dreams. It might mean you have to take a different path to get there but that is ok because with hard work and determination anything is possible as long as you try your very best with everything you do. This all you can do!

Please also remember high/low grades do not define you as a person. Grades are not everything! Just remember
you are amazing and you have done all you can and you will be successful!

Here are some tips to cope with results day, make sure the days before you are nice and calm. Maybe do some yoga or meditation. Make sure to treat yourself to take your mind off of things-you could do this by maybe going to a
nice dessert shop/cafe for a sweet treat or you could have a shopping trip, maybe picking up
a bath bomb on your trip so you can treat yourself to a nice soothing bath when you get home. Also on the night before make sure your alarm is on so you are ready to wake up on time and be ready to access your results. On the day make sure to reward yourself for all your hard work no matter the result. Also, make sure when you are opening your results make sure you are in a comfortable place, maybe on your own if you need it. Don’t forget to give yourself time to digest all this news. Once you have digested the results and calmed down make sure to speak with teachers to work out your options of what you can do next with the results you have. If you got emailed your results maybe ring or email your teacher for a chat just for your own reassurance (this is what I am going to do anyway).

If you feel you are struggling to come to terms with your results and it is impacting your mental/physical health please reach out! You do not need to suffer alone. You can speak to your friends who are maybe in a similar situation or your family/teachers or people you are closet.

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