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How to do early Christmas prep

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… yes it’s that time of year again soon! (No I’m not sorry for the cringe Christmas song pun haha!). It’s only a few months away (less than 80 days), we are in double digits now for the Christmas countdown!

This time of year can be quite stressful to prepare for especially with new COVID laws in place. It is going to be a bit different from how it is usually. Fear not though because here are some tips on how to make this Christmas just as special as usual, maybe even your best Christmas yet!

Top tip number one! Please prep yourselves early but not too early like me who starts the Christmas countdown in October with all my lists of things to buy for people already planned out – I know I’m a Christmas freak it’s one of my favourite times of year bar August (summertime).

A good way to prep early is to begin setting aside time to get things for Christmas on your schedule and also another good thing to do is to write down ideas of what to get people.

Top tip number two! Make sure to have most things ready and ordered/collected before the Christmas rush (Christmas-eve) because this will just add stress. A good way to be ready and get a bargain is to buy things at the boxing day sales for next Christmas and store them in a safe place. This way you are all ready for next Christmas!

My final tip is to make sure you have great fun and don’t stress about Christmas because otherwise, you won’t enjoy it yourself with your family whether that be over zoom call or in person-make sure to have fun!

Happy Christmas! (extremely early I know )

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