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How to prepare for University

A few weeks I spoke about how to prepare for work experience and this week its all about Uni because let’s be honest when it comes to this subject we can all be pretty clueless.. myself included! However, I have found some things that I have found very useful to help get ready to begin choosing Uni’s.

1. Talk to your head of sixth form or college

These will be able to point you in the right direction of different resources that you can gain access to. For example, different opportunities with universities that will help reduce the grades you need to get in (pathway programme).

2. Order Uni prospectuses

These will give you an in depth guide to what the university is all about, what’s on offer there and lots more important information that can be of great use!

3. Check Uni websites

Use the course A-Z section and make sure to read up on the modules, the assessment and also what grades you need to get in. This will all be on the courses section of the website.

4. Create a UCAS account

This will mean you can put all your Uni research into one place so it will be easy to find and apply.

5. Use apps

Uni compare is very useful for researching Uni’s and getting prospectuses. It tells you all about the courses and everything you need to know all in one place.

Good Luck with your University pathway ! If you need any career advice or help with your CV and personal statement you can always ask the staff at WATCH charity who will happy to give you a hand!