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How to use your free time effectively.

How to use your free time effectively whilst in a pandemic getting back to normal (ish!).

With many people going into sixth form or college or people now having reduced work hours due to Covid-19. Here is how you can use your free time productively. If you are a student maybe get a part-time job and try to save some of the money from that job (I know it’s hard and easier said than done but I’m sure it will be worth it). Think of all the
trips to Nando’s, shopping days, holiday money, and money for a future car or bike you can have if you save your hard-earned cash!

Also students, please use your frees. I missed one free after saying don’t miss your frees and it took me two days to catch up … I’m sorry I’m a hypocrite haha! Don’t be me…Use your frees!

Also maybe try timers or productivity tracker apps such as forest or adapt for your scheduling of revision-adapt now has new tutor help features so make sure to check that out for both a level and GCSE for all subjects, which is a first for any app I’ve ever seen. You can also use reminders or google notes on your phone to help you. Quizlet is popular as well for revision and not organization/productivity.

Also, I recommend prepping what you are going to do the night before to help use your free time better. Try to have everything ready so there is no need for panic and stress. If you are calm and don’t stress about everything (like I usually do) you will absolutely smash all your goals and get through your to-do list quicker.

Try to avoid procrastination too – I did this a lot during my GCSE’s and it did not help me!

I hope this article helped you be able to use your free time more effectively!

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