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Ice cream and dessert Restaurant set to open in Hillfields!

creamsCoventry is set to savour the sweet taste of Creams with the national ice cream and dessert chain choosing the city for its latest restaurant. Located in Swanswell Street in the city centre, the newest Creams Café will feature seating for more than 100 customers and employ at least 15 staff when it opens this month.  The franchise chain is enjoying a boom as it caters for the sweet tooth market, with demand for its authentic Italian gelato ice cream and other sweet dishes fuelling a rapid expansion across the country. Coventry is among the first clutch of major cities on its radar outside its stronghold of the South-East where it has seen a spectacular phase of expansion with 19 franchises opening in the last year. It has lined up another 7 branches, including Coventry and Newcastle, to open in 2015, signalling its intentions to make its mark in the Midlands and the North. A trio of university friends, have banded together after 15 years to launch Coventry Creams Café which will be fitted out in the chain’s signature American art deco style. The venture marks a departure for the new partners whose work until now has predominantly been concentrated in the B2B sector.creams background Kaz Cheema, who has owned businesses in Midlands focussing in the manufacturing sector for over 12 years, said he was particularly excited at the new challenge. “Until very recently, I could never have envisaged myself as a restaurateur but this is a chance that myself and the others just felt we couldn’t resist,” said Mr Cheema. “We know the midlands and we realised there was a local gap for this type of offering, especially in Coventry. Creams has been a huge hit in London and South-East and its expansion shows there’s a national market. “With the backing and support plus the expertise we’re getting from the franchisor, combined with our local input, we think we can really make a huge success out of this and bring something a bit different to the city centre.” Creams is among the beneficiaries of a culture which has seen the popularity of dessert parlours and similar eateries grow in the last few years, with its cafes proving a hit especially with young people and families. “It’s what you might call ‘dining out on desserts’ and it’s giving diners a new and fresh experience to sit alongside what they have traditionally enjoyed,” said Mr Cheema. “There’s the attraction of different and exciting menus, friendly atmosphere, relaxing ambience and not many other places where you can enjoy a coffee or dessert with friends and family while taking in the lakeside view.”   As well as more than 40 varieties of authentic hand-made gelato, Creams also boasts freshly made waffles & crepes, milkshakes & gourmet coffees, all of which are billed as GM-free and with no artificial preservatives. Creams Coventry is set to be a hit as the next big thing – their Facebook page has started to attract 100’s of likes even before opening. Visit for direct access to the Facebook page or  .