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I’m a celebrity: all the gossip!


Yayyy ! We know it’s close to Christmas when I’m a celeb is on the telly for the first time in the year and the Christmas ad’s are rolling during I’m a celeb…Life is great! And although this year things have been different. We still have the same vibes…just in a castle instead! This year’s show is one that has been long anticipated and everyone is excited about it! So, to celebrate this momentous occasion (I’m sorry I’m a big reality tv fan haha !) I thought I’d do an article talking about all things I’m a celeb because why not! After all, it is one of the most iconic reality TV shows of all time!

The cast
This year I feel that the cast is amazing and the castle looks like it is going to be set for some memorable, good TV for the next 3 weeks-I can’t wait! The cast looks fantastic this year because we have a variety of characters ranging from the mum of the group (Victoria Derbyshire) to the drama queen (Jordan North) and the jokers (Vernon Kay and Shane Ritichie). We even have Olympic wisdom from Mo Farah, a fast person like Sir Mo is definitely an asset to the team to get food for camp in the timed challenges. The team seems very rounded and they seem like they will work well together-well at the minute anyway I guess that might change in a while! Who knows!

Who’s gonna be in the most trials
1000% sure it’s going to be Jordan North having the most trials purely because he is the screamer of the gang (yes it’s the same every year there’s always a drama queen!) Another one who will probably appear a lot in the trials is Beverly Callard because she is now a lockdown meme haha!

Who’s gonna leave first
Umm… This is a tough one because I quite like the cast this year but I think that Jordan North will leave first because not going to lie I feel he will get boring after a while because he is a bit of a drama queen! He’s not one of my favorites, to be honest.

Who’s gonna win
I want Victoria Derbyshire to win either her or Jessica Plummber because I love their energy and they seem so lovely and have team spirit.I feel that Shane Ritchie would be a good winner because he is absolutely hilarious! I want Beverly Callard to win too because these people are my favorites so far!

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An article written by Aimee Morley (16)

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