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My sixth form journey (during a pandemic)

Happy 6 months of articles!

I can’t believe I have been writing for the Hillz FM website for half a year already, wow it has been a pleasure and I am going to continue to release articles. Thank you all for reading my articles!

So, if you listen to my show, Aimee’s afternoon show (4:00 pm – 5:00 pm every Thursday) you will know that I have started sixth-form and it has been a fantastic time so far and I have really enjoyed myself and it has been great to see my friends again. In today’s article, I thought I’d share what it is like to be a year 12 during a pandemic. So, it is a little bit different to how last years cohort of year 12 since we no longer have access to the library and sixth form lock, which is sad but at least it means we have more time to independent study at home and the work is more digital so less printing is a positive thing so there’s less filling! It is more like a college format as we only come in once a week for tutor and only when we have lessons so it means we have more time for different things. But please if you are reading this and you are in year 12 with more frees – Please use your frees!

We also have a one-way system around the school and this is similar to most schools. Hand sanitiser is everywhere! We also only are allowed in certain blocks which is good so we don’t have to move around a lot. One thing I love about sixth-form is we can wear our own clothes so it is a lot more comfortable. My lessons and teachers are a lot nicer as they are subjects I am passionate about and enjoy (no more maths! Haha!). Also, I find it is slightly more casual but you still have to work hard. That is my sixth form experience so far!

I hope sixth form/college and the school has been good going back for everyone!


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