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My wishes, goals and passions for the future

I thought as I have only just started writing articles for Hillz FM some of you who aren’t regulars to my
show, might not know anything about me at all. Sometimes reading an article from someone who you
don’t even know anything at all about can be a bit boring and may seem robotic. That’s why I wanted to write an
article showing the listeners of my show and the readers of my articles a little more about me. Sharing my
hopes and dreams for the future and my passions, because on my radio show, I don’t always have time to
tell you a bit about my hopes and dreams and passions. I thought I’d tell you all a bit about them now
whilst I have time, as I’m in lockdown thanks to the corona! Also I feel if you know a bit about a writer it
seems more personal and you can understand why they write what they write, or produce things such as
radio shows or poetry and much more!

My passions

I absolutely love reading. I feel like I have been transported into a different world and it is very exciting. I
also have a great love of TV and Movies because they are so addictive especially series dramas. I also
really enjoy writing poetry as I find it really relaxing and it is a great way to get your emotions across and
to cope with certain things. One of my favorite things is to visit the theatre (this was before
lockdown-when I went to the theatre previously) and I absolutely love the experience. It is always magical
and it is like a different, more exciting way of life. Another one of my passions is music I absolutely love
attending concerts (before lockdown), discovering new songs/genres/artists. It is a really fun thing to do. I
really love my radio and journalism work as well as it really is a great thing to do and I always end up
having so much fun, as on my show I always talk about the things I really enjoy and I really like the
support I get from people. I also find great joy in volunteering because it is a very memorable experience I
have met lots of new people and gained new skills, memories, and experiences from, especially festivals
such as Community fusion, Hillfields community festival, and many more.

My hopes and dreams

I hope that my GCSE results (when I get them) enable me to be able to go to sixth-form to study Media
Studies, Philosophy and ethics, English Language and Literature. I hope that I do well and in my A-levels. My dream is to go to University to study Journalism at Birmingham or Westminster, either that or I
would like to do a degree apprenticeship with ITV/BBC. After that, I hope to work my way up in BBC/ITV
and gain a role through a young people scheme. My end goal is to be a presenter on a radio station like Capital,
Heart, BBC Radio 1, or BBC Radio 1 extra or to be presenting a TV programme or the news. I would also
like to explore, in the future, writing in a newspaper or magazine. My favourite magazine is Inside soap
Magazine-it has the best most reliable soap gossip and news/spoilers. I also hope to stay apart of Hillz FM
as I really love being there so much. Being at HIllz has given me so many opportunities I would not have
had without Hillz. I am very grateful to everyone at Hillz for that!
I hope you all liked learning a little more about me!

Remember to stay safe!

This is an article produced for Hillz FM

Article written by Aimee (15)

Presenter of Aimee’s Afternoon Show

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