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Preparing for the world to open up… Again

It can be a nerve-wracking time getting back to the “new normal” again but there are many things that you can do to support you along the way to make that journey smoother. This time will allow you to improve your own mental health too! As we know this lockdown has been tough (in my opinion the toughest!) so if you are struggling please make sure to reach out! You have got this!

Here are some ways of how you can get prepared for the new normal!  

1. Book, Book, Book!

Yes! You! Please listen to me on this one and do not forget to book your appointments for when the world is back to normal! Honestly do it now before everyone is all booked up. I am sure people have been experimenting with cutting their own fringe or trying a new hair colour they have seen on TikTok over lockdown (if you’re a hairdresser or beautician professionally let’s just say I’m jealous after my lockdown beauty regime!) and it has gone wrong for those of us who are not professionally beauticians or hairdressers (very wrong! – let’s not lie, admit it!). We are all in need of our beauticians to be back (April 12th here we come)! Thank goodness you can only hear presenters on the radio – let’s just say I need my eyebrow lady desperately! Please book and don’t be disappointed, make sure to book! I only say this because of restrictions it will mean places that were originally walk in may need to have appointment slots.

2. Don’t all rush out!

Honestly, it’s tempting to leg it to the pub garden when it opens or raid Primark on day one of opening, but please don’t because let’s be honest it is going to be utter chaos. Pace yourself and maybe go out one or two days after the opening date if possible. 

3. Try mental health exercise like meditating

Help yourself relax as you prepare to go back to normal this can be an anxious time!

These are my top tips to smash going back to the new normal. Good luck!

An article written by Aimee Morley (16)

Young presenter

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