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Royal death

On Friday 9th April 2021, Buckingham Palace with great sadness announced the peaceful passing of The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle (where the Queen often resides).The UK is currently in 8 days of national mourning-meaning the family will not be seen (the royal family’s public service will resume in 3 weeks time) and people have flocked to Buckingham Palace to pay their respects. However, the royal family have asked that people donate to charity instead. The funeral is set to be at St George’s chapel (private ceremony with 30 people-may be televised on BBC) Prince Harry will be amongst those in attendance with Prime minister Boris Johnson having given up his seat for a member of the family. Sadly, Meghan Markle will not be in attendance due to advice from her doctor.

The Prince Phillip The Duke of Edinburgh is known for many thing such as his humour, his loyalty to the monarchy and also his young people scheme-DofE, which has changed many peoples lives having supported young people to gain skills and experience the wilderness moving from Bronze to Silver to Gold (I myself have completed the Bronze DofE).

To celebrate The Prince Phillip The Duke of Edinburgh here are some facts you may not have known about him!

  1. The prince was born with Denmark descent, but he was actually born in Corfu Greece, his dad set to be the king of Greece before being sentenced to death for not fighting against the people of Turkey and had to give up his Greek religion and his status in Greece to marry the queen!
  2. His mum stayed in a sanatorium (psychiatric unit). When he was ten he didn’t see his mum for 8 years after the split of his parents because his mum was unwell.
  3. He first met the Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, at the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece and the Duke of Kent in 1934. For her, aged only eight, it was almost love at first sight.
  4. Philip became a British citizen, renouncing his Greek title, and adopting the name Mountbatten after his uncle who was Lord Mountbatten – he trusted him very much and confined him. However the royal family were worried about Lord Mountbatten due to his left wing views and the fact he was pleased his name was in the royal family.
  5. His children’s last names are Mountbatten-Windsor
  6. He had 12p in the bank when he got married.
  7. He gave up his naval career for the Queen.
  8. His chain-smoking mother Alice lived in Buckingham Palace for the last two years of her life and died there in December 1969 aged 84.
  9. He has four children, eight grand-children and eight great-grandchildren.
  10. The Queen Mother often jokingly called him “The Hun”.
  11. In May 1961 he became the first member of the Royal Family to be interviewed on television.
  12. He’s a Gemini star sign.
  13. He made 5,496 speeches in 65 years before his retirement in August 2017.
  14. He has been to more than 170 countries.
  15. When Diana died in 1997 her sons William and Harry did not want to walk behind the coffin but Philip thought they would regret it later and told them: “If you like, I’ll walk with you”.
  16. He has visited most of the commonwealth after taking a ship round called the Britannia.

Our thoughts and Prayers are with the Royal Family and the monarchy at this very difficult time.

RIP The Prince Phillip The Duke of Edinburgh

(10th June 1921-9th April 2021)