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Social media detox

To support our mental health, which will no doubt be tested in this lockdown especially with schools being closed now. It is a good idea to consider things to help us feel more motivated, positive, and make things feel better as things can be quite tough for people when we are further isolated from the ones we love (again!). A social media detox is a way that we can cope with what is going on because if we are constantly on social media seeing people break the rules or reality tv stars in Dubai, it is going to make us feel worse than we already are. It makes you feel trapped and also many celebrities are guilty for editing their bodies in photos. If you see a picture online of a celebrity in lockdown for example, Molly Mae looking perfect and you look at yourself in lockdown and you don’t look like that (this is ok by the way!) then this can make you struggle with body confidence. However, there are some celebrities like Maura Higgins who are very real about things like bloating so it can be a positive thing. There is also lots of support for other things involving confidence and mental health online so a little time on Instagram is ok, but here is how you can make sure you don’t end up engulfed by the negatives of social media.

  1. Time settings

If you have an iPhone you can set up times of how long you spend on certain apps, when you have used your time your phone reminds you. This then means you can stop being too engrossed in social media. This helps people avoid the toxic side of social media. I personally allow myself 1 hour a day across all social media platforms. This means I can avoid the dreaded thing that of late we all know very well-Procrastination haha!

  1. The “I’m not interested” setting

When you are on social media and you see posts that are maybe something you feel are negative for you make sure to press the setting icon (the dots) above the post to no longer see posts like that. This way you can make sure whilst you are on your social media detox you can improve your mental health and stop seeing things that are bad for you.

  1. Reading

Try to have a hobby such as reading, sports, martial arts etc because it will broaden your horizons and take your mind off of things helping you with your social media detox.

  1. Going for walks

This will give you time to think and almost breathing space so you can reflect on your life and maybe decide on what the best steps are for you.This will mean you can avoid being almost trapped by social media. It also means you are healthier physically and mentally !


Good Luck with your social media detox!

An article written by Aimee Morley (16)

Young presenter

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