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Through the Bee Hive by Sarah Crossan Review

This week I have been reading a little bit and I have just read my favourite author’s new release! Yes, Sarah Crossan did it again, by that I mean she brought to us a classic completely original addictive novel. Can you tell I really loved it? Well, I thought it was one of her best books. I have read every single book she has written and I have enjoyed them all. These books include – ”One”, ”apple and rain”, ”the breath and resist” series and so many more including one of her latest releases “toffee”.

I loved this book so much. It was such a powerful book that I thoroughly enjoyed and 100% recommend. This book is about a woman called Ana, who is a lawyer. Ana is someone who had an affair with her client Connor cheating on her husband Paul, with whom she has two kids with and she discovers his death through his wife appearing in her office. The story details her struggles post affair and how she is overworked and struggling seeing Rebbeca (Connor’s wife) and is also having difficulty with her mental health getting over Connor’s death.

I loved the structure of the text with it being so easy to read and also the storyline being easy to understand even though it switches so elegantly between the present (life post affair) and the past (her life within the affair and pre affair). We really get to know really well and see what they are really like this is particularly the case for Ana, where we beautifully see her life and how other people treat her and how it has had a detrimental effect on her.

10/10 from me with 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!


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