Huffy is Ian Hough – Singer/songwriter. Lives in Leamington Spa, England originally from Birmingham After 25 years of playing bass in various PUNK/indie style bands Huffy switched to guitar and vocals to perform his own songs – there is no desire to make money or become a “star” – Huffy says “its time to do it whatever anyone else thinks “. Influences are many and varied – Joy Division, Sex Pistols, Woody Guthrie, Patrik Fitzgerald, Buzzcocks, Tom Morello, Billy Bragg, Smiths, Stranglers, Clash, Daniel Johnston, Patti Smith, Teenage Fanclub, Christy Moore, Shane Macgowan, The Stooges, The Minutemen and loads more……….. Is Huffy having a middle-aged crisis? Maybe but who cares – the Punk generation still has a voice.

Trade Unionist, Socialist, Activist, anti-fascist, anti-racism campaigner. Loves playing LMHR events, political events and talking to people before and afterward. Huffy’s ethos is to perform for free as much as possible in support of events for charity and left-wing causes.

Live shows last about 20 minutes and typically cram in 12 or more tunes. He’s on and off before you can get bored – yes a determined reaction to the worrying number of earnest angst-ridden singer-songwriters out there – Huffy says “think about it – all the ones that make it seem to be free of heartache and angst when the money rolls in – were they ever being honest with you?” Keep it simple – anyone can do it

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