The Trees

The Trees are a group of local Coventry artists who have released a prog-folk / prog-rock concept album called, ‘Here come the Trees’. The trees also have an, ‘Here come the Trees’ Facebook page. The album was proceeded by the ‘Tree ep’ which featured 3 songs.
As well as getting great reviews for, ‘Here come the Trees’ locally the Trees were featured in the glossy monthly ‘Prog’ magazine. The magazine loved the bands use of the male /female voices on the album but couldn’t quite decide what type of ‘Prog’ music the band played. ‘Prog’ is short for progressive incidentally !
Having played 2 gigs a year ago augmented by Melanie Moon on vocals and Mahendra Patel on percussion the band had intended to tour.
The band have made videos for 3 of the songs on the album; ‘Save that tree (Melanie)’, ‘We all need a wee wee’ and ‘Magic MoneyTree’ and hope to film the whole album eventually.
Though the band do not intend to make another Trees album they have been recording new songs with a view to releasing another ep or single.
‘Here come the Trees’ is available from HMV Coventry and;