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A level GCSE advice

September is just around the corner and a lot closer than you think, and I mean A LOT CLOSER! than you think, so now is the time to put the phone down (yes you !) Stop scrolling through your socials and doing TikTok dances (I’m guilty too, to be honest !) NO MORE PROCRASTINATION! You have got this! Here are some tips on how to get ready for going back from someone who is about to go into year 12 (Scary !-makes me feel old haha!) and has finished year 11. Some of these things I actually did and some of them I wish I did as it would have avoided so much stress – I’m being very honest here!

1. Stay organised
Please please, I beg you…Stay organised! It is the one thing I absolutely did not do in year 11 and I wish I did because I became really lost, worried, stressed and a bit clueless pretty much stressed 24/7 Haha! Make sure you organise your folders and books regularly keeping them tidy, regularly replenishing your pencil case (when you are close to running out of pens) so you are not caught short when you have an exam that day. Make sure when being organised you keep your books neat so it is easier to understand and to avoid losing your revision notes (this happened a
lot to me haha!) make sure to have a revision box which is divided for separate subjects so you know what is what you can use dividers for this or stickers to label revision cards or folders. Remember to highlight and underline key bits of notes, so it is a bit more clearer.

2. Do your revision
I actually did this one! Make sure to use revision notes from youtube or textbooks. Maybe make posters for revision (this helped me a lot )It is good to use Quizlet so you have a digital revision as well as paper revision cards. Use your folders as well because they feature key content. Make sure you start it earlier…not later! Try to look over your notes every day so your brain gets used to the content

3. Make notes and revision card for every lesson
This is one that most people forget and I did not do in GCSE, but I plan to in A-Level. If you do this it will make revision so much easier…trust me. Because I did not do this at GCSE and it became A LOT more difficult! A way you can do this is simply picking out the key points in your lesson notes and putting them in your notes and cards for when you need to revise.

4. Keep up with your online folders
Try using ‘One drive’ or ‘Google drive’-I use Google Drive because I can colour coordinate and also it means I can log on it anywhere, so I have easy access and it is good as it links with Google slides/docs which I use. Using these means you do not lose track of things which means you won’t lose things like homework (as boring as it is, it’s a good idea to do it as it can help with revision).

5. Go to your revision classes
These are surprisingly ( I did not think they would be by the way) useful! It means you do not have to do as much at home, plus you get more time with teachers to ask questions and to catch up on things you may have missed.

6. Try to use planners and to-do lists
This can make your day a lot more structured so you become more productive-the ultimate goal. This also means your quality of work is higher as there is no (less-there will never be none at all haha) procrastination-the enemy of all students! These also mean you don’t end up being clueless and doing things twice by accident as you have forgotten what you have done and what you haven’t I hope you enjoyed this article. I also hope these helped!

Just as a disclaimer I am not someone who is clued up on the best advice for schools because I am not a teacher and I am nowhere (I’m very far off haha !) near a grade 9 student (I wish I was though haha!) these are just what I have
done/want to do (my experience of school as a soon to be year 12) or what I have seen from study tubers/grammars or things teachers have told me or what I have seen online. If you need proper advice please talk to your teacher. You’ve got this!

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