Hillz FM Local Artist Charts

Hillz FM Local Artist Chart Week 127 – RESULTS

  1. David Page Maybe Tomorrow ft Will Ball
  2. Shannon Stevenson Trying To Find Love
  3. MASSASAUGA Bullfighter
  4. David Ellis On The Side
  5. Kenzie Webley Head V Heart
  6. Huffy Revolver
  7. Rachel Palmer Deep Breaths
  8. Abz Winter Falling for you
  9. Caitlin McCarthy Dont Look Down
  10. Cosmic Visions Gauntlet
  11. MC Liburd Living in lockdown
  12. The Upsiders Worth a Million
  13. Antonia Kirby Icarus
  14. Chloe Boehm Be Gentle
  15. Bella Deanie Fighting Corona ft Mintakaa
  16. Monday Nights Flight
  17. James Pilling & The Gasoline Supremes Blindside Boogie
  18. Lil Bambie The Estate
  19. Hannah M Woof Self Care
  20. Bexi Jay Heroes ft. Dom Meakins
  21. Jessie Desai Shades of Blue
  22. Chessi O’Dowd Snowflake
  23. Maz Corry Then there’s you
  24. Fourth In Line You and I
  25. Toria Already Know
  26. Boss Madra Gardener
  27. Nicky Ager Don’t give up, don’t give in
  28. Alchemista A Place To Hide
  29. Evergreen Sunny Lady
  30. Anthony Gliddon Looking Like That
  31. Ollie Bond When I Went Away Out
  32. Taylor-Louise Black Heart
  33. Angelo Cardone Strange Days
  34. Crokodile Tears Anorak
  35. Dirk Cox Whatever the Weather
  36. The Rushmore Company
  37. Pilgrams’ Way Shoot Them All!
  38. The Trees Mister Woodenface
  39. Static X Crofty MWay
  40. Jake Damion Friendly / Won’t be defined
  41. KANDA Never the Same
  42. Whettz All I know
  43. Cornflakes at Kelly’s Just the way she likes
  44. Zak Stinchcombe I Guess That’s Fine
  45. Emko Kendall & Kylie
  46. Darla Jade Frenemy
  47. Aspire in Arts Gonna be Alright
  48. RG The Baron ft Reality & Sky Yatesy Break that Cycle
  49. Below the Stones Goliath
  50. Punch and Judas Power