Monday Nights

West Midland four-piece Monday Nights blend melodic rhythm parts, with soaring vocal parts behind a tight back beat. Hailing from the middle of the country in Rugby, Warwickshire, Jacob (lead vocals, Seagull M4), Ellis (bass, keys), and Ali (drums) formed the group at the end of 2019. With influences varying from sounds from the likes of Muse, Jeff Buckley, and Nothing But Thieves, the band have written a bulk of music combining the groups tastes and abilities. Inspired by the folk nature of the instrument Jacob plays, the band have incorporated lots of vocal harmonies and rhythms to encapsulate a wider outlook on what their music sounds like. The band have played multiple small shows encouraging audiences to anticipate for what’s to come. For their upcoming music the band have independently been recording and producing their sound remotely in isolation.

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